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The founders of Patriot 1 Advantage boast extensive experience in the finance industry, accumulating decades of combined knowledge and expertise. Throughout their journey, they've cultivated robust relationships with lenders and pioneered innovative strategies to facilitate clients in securing essential funding. Opting for a fixed-rate loan presents an opportunity to potentially save significant sums, with reduced payments alleviating financial strain and conserving both time and money. Our hallmark is the provision of exemplary customer service to our valued clients. Collaborating with us means being paired with a dedicated and empathetic representative committed to realizing your financial aspirations. We prioritize understanding your individual circumstances and strive to ensure comprehensive awareness and comfort with your loan options.


Upholding Values: The Foundation of Our Success and Customer Care


Central to our lending practices is an unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and upholding the utmost standards of integrity.


We are dedicated to perpetually exploring fresh and inventive approaches to lending, striving to offer optimal solutions for our clients.


Through collaborative efforts with our clients, lenders, and other stakeholders, we endeavor to attain superior outcomes and foster enduring relationships.

Laser focus

Our primary focus is on fulfilling the distinct needs of our clients, and we tirelessly strive to deliver customized and efficient lending solutions.


Recognizing the financial obstacles confronting our clients, we approach each case with attentiveness, empathy, and a profound comprehension of their requirements.


Establishing trust is paramount for both our success and yours. We consistently fulfill our commitments and take pride in offering transparent, dependable services.

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