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Future-Proof Your Finances

Empower yourself to shape your financial destiny starting now.
Allow Patriot 1 Advantage to be your ally in regaining financial stability.
Our team is dedicated to assisting you in charting a course towards prosperity.
Don't let this moment pass you by. Take charge of your future with Patriot 1 Advantage

You are far beyond just a number on a credit report

At Patriot 1 Advantage, you're our top priority. We're committed to offering personalized loan solutions for every budget, empowering you to shape the financial future you've always dreamed of.

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What sets Patriot 1 Advantage apart?

Extensive expertise in the field sets us apart
For decades, our founders have immersed themselves in the finance industry, fostering invaluable connections with lenders and innovating creative strategies to ensure our clients secure the funds they require.

Stable-Rate Loans
Opting for a fixed-rate loan could potentially save you thousands. Reduced payments not only save you money but also time and alleviate stress.

Crafting a dedicated approach to serving our customers
We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service to our clients. You'll be partnered with a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about your needs. Our commitment includes ensuring that our clients are well-informed and fully accommodated throughout their journey with us.

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Starting with us is simple

Apply Online

Begin by completing our secure online application. Your data's safety and your privacy are our top priorities, ensured through end-to-end encryption.

Review Your Options

Our specialists carefully review your options, tailoring your loan to suit your unique financial circumstances.

Receive Your Money

Experience swift and hassle-free funding, with funds deposited directly into your bank account in as little as 24-72 hours.

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We put you first

These are just a few reasons why Patriot 1 Advantage is different than the rest.

No Fees

At Patriot 1 Advantage, we're committed to providing a completely fee-free service, guaranteeing you access to the best possible rates.

We put you first

Great customer service

Our exceptional USA-based team is extensively trained to secure the rate you rightfully deserve.

Goal Planning

Whether you're clearing debt or embarking on a new purchase, achieving financial freedom is made simple with us.

These are just a few reasons why Patriot 1 Advantage is different than the rest.

100% Transparent

No hidden fees or prerequisites. Just apply online and access the best available rate hassle-free.

Credit Card vs Personal Loan

Interest Rate
Monthly Payment
Interest Paid
High-Interest Rate Credit Card
23.69% APR*
9.97% APR*
Estimated Interest Savings

What our customers say

"Job well done Credit 1. Thank you..."

Purdy Ruffen
Kansas City, MO

“Whole experience was a lot easier than I thought. Great staff, easy, clear process.”

Barry Levin
Hartford, CT

"Fast and clear. James was awesome and followed through on everything for me."

Ken Durst
Minneapolis, MN

“Never thought it was possible I could get cash so quickly. Got rid of high-interest credit card debt in a matter of days!"

John Broadmore
Gainsville, FL

“Awesome service, funded super fast.”

Kelly Lundquist
Shreveport, LA

“Finally got that new mower for my landscaping business! Funded fast too. I def recommend the Credit 1!”

Ryan Tolliver
Honolulu, HI

“I was approved for a rate so low I took the deal and paid off my car loan. Going to save me about $3,500 on the life of the loan!”

Terrance L.
Fresno, CA

"The process was so simple. Chris was my rep and was super transparent all the way from start to finish.! Thanks Chris!

Seth Novegrad
Shreveport, LA

"Credit 1 are truly the "Guru's of finance" if they can get me approved!"

ken s.
Rockaway, NY

"Kelly was a good to me. One missed meeting, but ultimately she followed through on everything she said."

Judy Parsons
Boston, MA

"so glas I went through with it. The easiest way to get cash possible!"

Julian Peterson
Clearview, MT

“NOT missing my high-interest credit card payments anymore. Thanks!"

Josh Silverson
St. Charles, IL

"I was skeptical but glad I did it. Staff handed me off a bit but eventually got me cash so fast I can't deny how easy it was."

Amie Bromm
Long Island, NY

"Never thought I could get approved. Everywhere else denied me. Thank YOU Credit 1!"

Bruce Portman
Boise, ID

“Finally was able to finish my remodel!"

Lane Turillo
New Orleans, LA

"Got my sons tuition paid for and I'm golden. Staff was super helpful and followed through with everything they promised to get done."

Alex Gonzalez
Sacramento, CA

"Their staff is awesome. They helped me get the cash I needed to finally pay of some ridiculously high-rate credit card debt."

Evette Christie
Hoboken, NJ

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking the Advantages of Personal Loans

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Understanding Fee Structures

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